Check Cup

Check Cup


Hand painted with so much love. I glazed this batch while watching a lot of Shark Tank.


*Seconds are 20% off and have tiny hairline cracks in the bottom/are not watertight. Perfect for pens + plants*


No two are identical! 

Glazed white stoneware

Around 5" tall, 4" diameter

Please please handwash 

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    All HOTS4POTS ceramic items are handcrafted in Marlboro, NJ. Each piece is made in small batches causing variations in form and finish to occur amongst each unique, handmade piece. Variations may include but are not limited to color, texture, and size. All items are food safe and made with non-toxic materials unless stated otherwise. Items are dishwasher safe, though hand washing is recommended to properly care for your piece. All purchases are final.